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What $1,500 Per Month Can Rent You Around D.C.

Welcome to your Halloween edition of Curbed Comparisons! Let's see what options have become available at the price of $1,500 per month in the last eight months and see how it differs.

? For $1486 per month, you can rent this 1 bedroom apartment across South Capitol from Nationals Park. At 895 square feet, this room at Camden South Capitol is a pretty spacious offering. There's also a surround sound iPod docking station, solar shades, a communal room for playing (and watching) games and a pool on the roof. Wow, where do we sign up?!

? This $1,450/month studio at Archstone Van Ness is considerably smaller at 575 square feet, but there's also a pool and fitness center at this complex. Also, what studio apartments also feature a walk-in closet?

? If you're okay with giving up natural light for the most part, you'll be the first person in this Atlas District 750 square foot English basement since it's been renovated. Note that the gas and electric bills are not included in the $1,500/month rent but the wifi and water bills are. Priorities!

? Look, it's a miniscule 404 square foot studio in Dupont Circle. On the plus side, the $1,450/month will get you a huge outdoor patio. Also, it's in Dupont Circle.