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Which 1BR Apartment Under $420K Is Calling Your Name?

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Grab your coffee, because we're fighting early today for this Real Estate Death Match. Last week, our 1 bedroom condo from newcomer nabe Wesley Heights just kicked the snot out of its Glover Park competitor. The death match continues with more 1 bedroom apartments this week although we're heading further east, raising the limit to $420K and pitting two condos in neighborhoods that aren't adjacent. Welcome to Real Estate Death Match: Logan Circle vs. Capitol Hill Edition!

? Address: 1117 10th Street NW Apt. 612
Price: $399,900
Square Feet: 767
Beds, Baths: 1/1

You'll save some money going into this cozy, colorful apartment at Quincy Court. The building has 24 hour concierge service, a gym and an enviable roof deck. The apartment itself has a walk in closet and a gourmet kitchen. The only real detriment here is that it's a little smaller than its competitor.

? Address: 1391 Pennsylvania Avenue SE #365
Price: $419,900
Square Feet: 833
Beds, Baths: 1/1

The Capitol Hill spot is a little pricier, but also a little larger. The living room is notably more spacious than the Logan Circle apartment, if less colorful. Jenkins Row, where this apartment is located also has one of the nicer attached courtyards, making the place feel like more of oasis in the city. The apartment also boasts a walk in closet.

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Jenkins Row

1391 Pennsylvania Avenue SE, Washington D.C.,