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Credit Card Readers Convenient But Are Cabbies Getting Paid?

It's hard to be a D.C. cab driver right now. Over the summer, the city pushed for the cabs to have credit card readers in all of the cabs. While initially, riders complained that the readers were installed improperly and therefore, not working, now the complaints are coming from the drivers, several of whom are still waiting to receive compensation for the fares they took via credit card. This was the case with a driver that a Curbed reporter hailed just last week. What's more, the new dome lights will need to be installed by Friday or the cars may risk being impounded. It might be difficult to pay the $180 to $500 for the new dome lights if one has not yet been paid. Curbed readers, have you run into any cab drivers that have had difficulty with the new regulatory systems? Are you one of those drivers? Hit up our tipline.
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