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Culture Coffee: A Bright Community Spot For Brightwood?

Slowly but surely, the hip trends of other D.C. neighborhoods are creeping outward towards Brightwood Park. Sure, the adoption of popular ugly building ideas may not be proof enough, nor might the addition of a Bikeshare stop at 5th and Kennedy. A coffee shop, however? That's a pretty strong argument. Culture Coffee has had a presence on Twitter and Pinterest since December of last year. However, now they have a makeshift sign on the facade, photos of their interior design and have placed an open call to poets to host open mic nights, indicating their desires for this to be as much of a community gathering place as caffeine fuel stop. Their Facebook site indicates that they will be opening soon, pending a go-ahead from the Department of Health. Could this opening spark more cultural institutions in this coffee shop no-man's land?
· Culture Coffee [Official Site]
· Culture Coffee [Facebook]
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