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At $1.175M, Is This D.C.'s Most Expensive 1 Bedroom Condo?

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Million dollar condos are not unheard of within the District. Penthouses often cross the six figure threshold and occasionally account for the most expensive listings in the city. Usually though, those exorbitant listings are penthouses. While this is technically a penthouse as it's on the top floor of Loft 14, it's one of many and it's also a one bedroom. It's an extraordinarily large one bedroom: a loft that measures in at 1,085 square feet, but a one bedroom nonetheless. Yes, it has a sleek new kitchen and the ability to sit by the window for the entire length of the living/dining area. Yes, it has an enviably deep storage space/walk-in closet. Yes, it has an enormous terrace complete with grill and enough furniture so that one could sleep under the stars if they desired. But shockingly, it doesn't have a second bedroom, and at $1.175M it's probably the city's priciest one bedroom offering.
· 1401 Church St NW Apt 519 [Zillow]