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If a Stuffed Shark Loves This Private Balcony, It Must Be Great

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This stuffed shark looking out over D.C. is one of the funnier/cuter listing photos to have popped up in awhile. Perhaps this little guy might have felt at home on one of the houseboats. On a more serious note, there aren't but so many condos in D.C. that offer top floor living, a private roof deck and an off street parking spot. This 2,300 square foot duplex on the top floor of this Columbia Heights building has all of these things. The two bedroom abode admittedly has pretty low ceilings in the living room, but that height deficiency does not persist through the entire space. Plus, there are skylights in the living room. Check out the gallery to see the rest of the more human-friendly amenities. Ask is just over $1 million.
· 1319 Euclid Street NW [Estately]