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Poll: Should The Height Act Actually Be Amended?

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Public comments are due regarding the National Capital Planning Commission's Height Act study in two days, but if today's D.C. Council Meeting is any indication, D.C.'s residents may be on the side of the NCPC anyway. WAMU reported that many locals present at today's City Council meeting heartily disagreed with the D.C. Office of Planning's take that the Height Act should be amended and taller buildings allowed. Those cynical that an amendment is needed cited the desire to preserve the city's original feel and design. Others, like Ward 4 Councilmember Muriel Bowser believe the city should develop unused or underused land in D.C. first. What do you think, Curbed readers? Does the Height Act need the changes that the D.C. Office of Planning recommends? Take our poll after the jump.

Poll results

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