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UPDATE: Protest Banner Indeed the Work of Phantom Planter

[Photos by Greg Nelson]

It's official: The Phantom Planter has struck again! Although the banner with pro-flower rhetoric that appeared could have potentially been the work of another D.C. resident who supported the sowing of flowers next to the Dupont Circle metro escalators, green thumbed activist Henry Docter confirmed that this installation was, in fact, his doing. What's more: he's not done. In an message that he sent to his supporters, Docter reveals that the banner is only the first of three surprises that he has planned.

"Surprise #2 and #3 are also wonderful, fun and completely unpredictable. The intention of this part of the performance art piece is to get a lot of people in DC to smile. I'm also trying to let go in a way that makes sense to me and maintain a balance in my life."

Stay tuned to this space as the other two works of performance art reveal themselves.
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