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Stuff Millennials Say: Quotes from the WaPo Millennials Piece

Millennials are changing the District. They're selling D.C.'s houses. They're running D.C.'s neighborhood blogs. They're changing the face of the neighborhoods. They're also somewhat hilariously depicted in this week's series of articles from WaPo. After digesting this particular article about a three twenty and thirty-somethings making a splash in the District we found a few quotes that were so priceless that they had to be shared and highlighted.

· Elise Bernard, the longtime blogger behind Frozen Tropics, might be H Street's original hipster.

· "It was like I got to the party, and the keg was already tapped," [Ally Behnke] says [of losing her job when the economy crashed].

· Back then, a friendly, threadbare neighborhood such as Trinidad promised plenty of porch-sitting and communal gardening, but little in the way of Instagram-able night life.

· Josh Hermias has a theory about millennials when it comes to Georgetown bars and restaurants: They still go, but they don't tell anyone about it.

· "Before the recession, I was one of those people — I drove a Pathfinder in the city." - Realtor Ally Behnke
· Three Millennials Try To Sell Their Peers on The District [WaPo]