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Mysteries of Ted Kennedy's Former Home Revealed!

Finally, there's some closure regarding the $9.5 million McLean property that at one point belonged to Senator Ted Kennedy! At first it looked like the 6.5 acre property was home solely to trees and a great river view. Then upon closer inspection, it seemed that surely the wooded land demarcated on Google's Satellite view as the property must be attached to one of the two enormous houses beside it. After all, what 10 bedroom home could possibly be hidden from satellite view? As it turns out, this one can. At one point in this old real estate video for the home, the plots of included land are outlined and sure enough, it falls in between the two larger structures. Kennedy's former house is nothing to sniff at, of course. The outdoor veranda seems to go on forever and the living room ceiling is remarkably high. It's just not higher than the surrounding trees.
· 636 Chain Bridge Road McLean, VA 22101 [YouTube]
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636 Chain Bridge Road, McLean VA