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What Should Be The New Nickname For The Petworth Safeway?

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The new Safeway/mixed-use project by the Georgia Avenue-Petworth Metro Station is coming along quite nicely. Since Curbed last checked in over the summer, the project has progressed from a hole in the ground to the tall wooden structure that you see above. Now time for the real question: what should be the new nickname for this reformed Safeway?

Didn't know that the D.C. Safeways had nicknames? Well, they do. The Georgetown Safeway has been referred to as the "Social Safeway" and there's one just east of Chinatown called the "Sexy Safeway." There are less appealing nicknames such as Dupont's "Soviet Safeway," and the one in Southwest that until its redesign had been called the "Shoot-em Up Safeway." Petworth's outpost had been the recipient of one of those unsavory nicknames as it was referred to as both the "Sixties Safeway" and the "Stinky Safeway." Well, as the old sixties-inspired building is now gone and it probably won't stink because it's brand stinkin' new, it will of course need a new nickname. Have a good one? Put it in the comments.
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