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Not Just the River: The Mystery of Ted Kennedy's $9.5M Manse!

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Even posthumously, it seems that brothers Ted Kennedy and John F. Kennedy have a bit of a real estate sibling rivalry. JFK's rural estate Wexford hit the market for a higher ask of $11 million, but Ted's former 6.5 acre McLean property has already changed hands. However, it's awfully hard to compare the two properties not knowing what they look like. At least with Wexford, there are some exterior photos. Honestly, had the listing for the McLean residence not specified that it's a ten bedroom 7,520 square foot home, it would appear from the photos that the purchaser had merely bought an expensive and undeveloped section of the Potomac River. It's a beautiful, scenic stretch of river, but it doesn't reveal much and neither does this frustrating satellite view which shows two nearby properties. Did Ted Kennedy own the house to the left with the tennis court and landscaped garden or the enormous one on the right? That's where we're turning our amateur sleuthing over to you, Curbed readers! Did you tour the estate on Chain Bridge Road during an open house and snap some phone photos while on your tour? Are you heading down to Fauquier County to take a look at Wexford? Send your pics this way!
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