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Let Your Vehement Height Act Opinions Be Known!

Amongst other things that went on the back burner during the Federal Shutdown (like mowing the Lincoln Memorial's lawn!) was further decision making on the future of the Height Act. It seems that the National Capital Planning Commission (NCPC), one of the agencies tasked with studying the 1910 law that kept D.C.'s buildings low, was indisposed (read: nonessential) for those pesky days during the first half of the month when meetings were planned! But fear not, folks! NCPC is back in action and giving you, the people that live and work in the District, an extended amount of time to comment on their Height Master Plan draft federal interest report. You have until October 30th, next Wednesday, to submit written comments. If you'd prefer for your voice to be heard in the more literal sense, you can also sign up to speak at their meeting the afternoon of the 30th. For those who don't remember much about NCPC's report, the gist of it was that they don't see much of a need for changing the current Height Act above and beyond allowing people to live and work on the top floor of existing buildings.
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