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The Capitol Will Get Nice Relaxing Acupuncture

Soon, the Washington Monument won't be the only landmark on the National Mall covered with scaffolding. The Capitol Building's dome will also be covered up for the next two years as they fix the 1,000+ cracks in the 150 year old structure. That said, the scaffolding on the Washington Monument doesn't look so bad when it's illuminated. It kind of resembles a fishnet stocking, or perhaps braces that will reveal a newly fixed pearly white structure once removed. However, this pointy looking scaffolding looks significantly more sinister, and recalls the scary character from the Hellraiser films. Perhaps the Capitol was stressed out from all of the shutdown madness and needs some nice relaxing acupuncture. Still, why didn't anyone say something about the need for repairs before the place went on the rental market?
· Capitol dome to be covered in scaffolding [WaPo]

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