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Which 2BR Condo Under $465K Makes Your Heart Flutter?

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Welcome to Real Estate Death Match! In last week's match, we put condos from two neighborhoods that had not yet been in the Real Estate Death Match ring up against each other and the Bloomingdale condo was the decided victor. As such, we found another condo from that nabe this week to battle a competitor from an area with more experience in our matches. This is Real Estate Death Match Bloomingdale vs. Logan Circle Edition!

? Address: 6 Rhode Island Avenue NW Apt #8
Price: $449,000
Square Feet: 850
Beds, Baths: 2/2

This Bloomingdale loft at the Condominiums at Rhode Island Pointe has a very modern look. Between the custom tiled bathroom and spiral staircase leading to the loft, it's quite a unique look. Plus, your pet can come, too. The only noticeable downside is the lack of natural light. Yes, there's a skylight in the kitchen and a few small windows in the lofted living area, but not much else.

? Address: 1701 16th Street NW Apt #534
Price: $464,900
Square Feet: 875
Beds, Baths: 2/1

This two bedroom at the Chastleton isn't lofted but it is slightly larger. No surprise here; the building with the gorgeous lobby also has a fitness center and a roofdeck with great views of the city. This one also does a little bit better on the natural light in the bedroom and by the dining table. Plus, check out the cool design on the chairs by the breakfast bar.

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