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Want a Castle? There's One Being Foreclosed in Virginia!

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Yes, there's a castle facing foreclosure in Northern Virginia. Try finding that sentence anywhere else this year. But hey, for those who have always wanted to live in royal digs and missed out on this Dupont option, Melrose Castle in Warrenton, VA is asking a mere $1.5 million. To be fair, here are some of the amenities included in the lofty price: eight fireplaces, an inground pool, 50 acres of land, a tennis court and a barn with two paddocks. Most five bedroom "single family homes" do not come with all of that. Plus, it's a castle! Check out the gallery to see photos of such fairy tale-esque things like the spiral staircases leading to the roof.
· 8871 Rogues Road , Warrenton, VA 20187 [Colgan Real Estate]