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Beautiful Kalorama Renovation Hits the Market for $5.25M

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Here's some eye candy for your Wednesday evening. This home in Kalorama runs a clinic on going modern where it makes sense to go modern (the kitchen and the bathroom) and keeping the turn-of-the-century charm where appropriate (like the living room which still has a fireplace.) This is proof that homes can still respect the time period from whence they came without looking like they belong in a tourist trap. This enormous 6 bedroom/8 bathroom 8,845 square foot home is asking $5.25 million because of course it is. And since there are almost no homes hovering around or above the $5 million mark in the area that don't have some sort of wild amenity (like an indoor tennis court or indoor basketball court), for you we have fountains spilling over into the outdoor pool.
· 2411 California Street NW [Estately]