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Off the Train, Into the Gym: D.C.'s Shutdown Check-Ins

At long last the Federal Shutdown of 2013 has come to an end. People can finally head back to work. But where did everyone go during the shutdown when work wasn't an option? They went to the bar and the gym, apparently. The number of foursquare check-ins in gyms stayed consistent with the pre-shutdown count and unsurprisingly, during the first week of the shutdown, check-ins at bars went way up. Most of the rest of foursquare's numbers are unsurprising. The number of check-ins at government buildings fell 30%, hotel check-ins suffered over 33% and check-ins at Metro stations dropped by about 25%. Here's the weird one: check-ins at the monuments had dropped to one third of their normal rate by the 11th of October. Who were these people visiting the shuttered monuments? Can the visiting veterans and non-furloughed National Park Service employees possibly account for all of those check-ins? Can one still check in while standing disappointed at the "Sorry, we're closed" fence?
· From our data: During the government shutdown, D.C. residents drink more, spend less. [Foursquare Tumblr]