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Want to Name a Bicycle Rack? Yes, Really.

D.C. has no shortage of awesome works of sculpture that also function as bicycle racks. There are neat curly W's by Nationals Park and a steamy coffee mug in front of Filter Coffee. However, the neighborhoods encompassed by the Golden Triangle BID house include five creative bicycle racks (seen above) and they're adding a sixth to their collection. This newest one resembles tree branches with spring buds and birds and you can get a chance to name it. Yes, bicycle racks apparently have names now. There's an incentive, the creator of the winning name will receive $200 from City Sports. Plus, for those of you who like free stuff but miss the upcoming Sunday deadline to submit a name can still win a $100 gift card to City Sports by voting on a name. Anyone suffering from a creative block is free to use our suggestion: "Rites of Spring."
· Name Our Newest Bike Rack [Golden Triangle BID]