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Flickr Photo Gallery: D.C.'s Spooky Halloween Houses

Zillow has ranked Washington D.C. the eighth best city in the country for trick-or-treating. Based on things like walkability, crime rates and values of homes, D.C. isn't as frighteningly fun as San Francisco, Boston, Seattle or Honolulu, but we still do pretty well...especially in the area surrounding American University. However, there's one thing missing from these rankings that admittedly would be pretty hard to crunch into data nuggets. That, Curbed readers is the awesomeness of our scary Halloween homes. The ones with giant spiders crawling down the building and creepy lights coming from the front porch to the sounds of howling wolves always make the trick-or-treating experience that much more fun. We've put together a gallery of some fun scary houses that we've found on Flickr. Do you go delightfully overboard with the fake cobwebs? Do you know someone else that does? Send photos of your favorite haunted homes (with the address...or at least the neighborhood) to our tipline or add to our Flickr pool and we'll see if we can't update this gallery before the 31st.
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