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UberX Reminds D.C. Of Its Presence With Loads of Freebies

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All of the recent legal battles may have made it unclear whether UberX, e-hailing giant Uber's low-cost service, was still operating in D.C. Well, they are still alive and kicking and offering free rides and other incentives through Friday. Users can get two free rides up to $20 through the end of the work week by using the promo code DCLovesUberX. Additionally, showing an UberX receipt to a plethora of local businesses will score riders lots of free or discounted goodies. Some of the participating businesses include companies as diverse as Atlas Fitness, zipcar and Tusuva Body & Skin Care. Unsurprisingly, several restaurants and bars are also offering deals.

Meanwhile, UberX still hangs in the balance of legality. The D.C. Taxicab Commission (DCTC) states that the service is illegal since it uses mid-sized hybrid cars that don't follow their rules on what kinds of cars (read: sedans) can be used for e-hailing services. Meanwhile, Ward 3 Councilmember Mary Cheh introduced a measure last month that would discount these DCTC regulations and at least keep UberX (and Lyft and Sidecar) legal through January.
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