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For Which 2BR Condo Under $540K Would You Take The Plunge?

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Welcome to this week's Real Estate Death Match! Last week's was an extremely close bout that was more highly attended (read: more votes cast) than most average death matches, but the Atlas District condo finally beat its Columbia Heights opponent. Columbia Heights can't lick its wounds for too long, though, because we're throwing them back in the ring against a neighborhood still untested in Death Match bouts. The 2 BR condos under $540K have weighed in. This is Real Estate Death Match: Columbia Heights vs. Waterfront Edition!

? Address: 1448 Harvard Street NW #2
Price: $519,000
Square Feet: 880
Beds, Baths: 2/2

What this multi-level condo loses in space, it gains in style. The exposed brick in the bedroom and loveseat by bay windows are very chic. So is walking into the condo and seeing the kitchen and breakfast bar directly before you.

? Address: 1401 1st Street SW #1
Price: $539,000
Square Feet: 1,000
Beds, Baths: 2/2.5

The exterior of this Waterfront condo building may not look like much, but the interior is an entirely different story. The ground floor condo provides over 100 square feet more and an extra half bathroom for the higher price. Also, it looks like there's a shed in the back and the condo is walking distance from Nationals' games (which are sadly over for the year.)

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