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Some of D.C.'s Weirder Shutdown Casualties

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D.C. had been warned of the temporary closure of museums and monuments due to the government shutdown. It therefore makes sense that the tourism and restaurant industries would suffer due to the ripple effect. The hit to the housing industry is also totally understandable. But rerouting a running race? That one came out of nowhere. We've listed four of the odder local casualties of the federal shutdown after the jump. If you can think of any other bizarre ones, hit up our tipline.

Army Ten-Miler: Don't worry, the race is still on, but it's been rerouted to avoid areas owned by the National Park Service that are currently closed. The future of the 2013 Marine Corps Marathon also stands in flux.

Meridian Hill Park Drum Circle: This is another one due to National Park Service. This is mostly odd because the drum circle survived the 1996 shutdown uninterrupted.

Lottery Winners: Until further notice anyone in D.C. that wins the lottery cannot cash in their winnings until after the shutdown. So much for that backup plan.

Food Truck Shutdown: Food trucks are private businesses and the federal government has no jurisdiction over them but many of them go to places like L'Enfant Plaza which is a sea of federal office. As such, a few just won't reopen until after the shutdown ends.
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