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Which of August's "Most Expensive Homes" Are Still For Sale?

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Back in August, Washington Business Journal found the 50 most expensive abodes for sale in Bethesda, D.C., Loudoun County, Fairfax County and Prince George's County. A few of the homes that topped out each region were famous like the $26 million Patterson Mansion or the $10 million home of Bethesda billionaire (and ex-wife of Glenstone Museum founder) Lyn Rales. In fact, it was Rales' home (which Curbed has covered previously) that showcased the fact that exorbitant houses don't necessarily leave the market with the greatest of speed. With this in mind, here's a look at which of the most expensive homes in the D.C. area are still on the market...and which are not.

Region: Washington, D.C.
Address: 15 Dupont Circle
Ask: $26 million
Square Feet: 36,000
Bed/Bath: 16/15
Still On the Market?: Yes

Region: Bethesda, MD
Address: 6800 Hillmead Road
Ask: $9.975 million
Square Feet: 8,205 square feet
Bed/Bath: 6/9
Still On the Market?: Yes

Region: Fairfax County
Address: 11389 Amber Hills Court, Fairfax, VA
Ask: $1,484,950 (the price has dropped since the property's crowning as "most expensive")
Square Feet: 7,453
Bed/Bath: 5/7
On the Market?: Yes

Region: Loudoun County
Address:18599 Calumet Lane, Bluemont, VA
Ask: $5.75 million
Square Feet: 11,724
Bed/Bath: 5/9
On the Market?: No. Delisted on September 25th.

Region: Prince George's County
Address: 12305 Hatton Point Road, Fort Washington, MD
Ask: $2.699 million
Square Feet: 6,581
Bed/Bath: 5/5
On the Market?: Yes
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The Patterson Mansion

1645 31ST STREET NW, Washington, D.C.