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Can Monroe Street Market Make an Arts Hub out of Brookland?

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The Brookland and Edgewood neighborhoods are already known for their impressive street art (both commissioned and illegal) but could Monroe Street Market further establish Brookland as an artist hub? One might say, Brookland already is one. People have flocked to use the Dance Place studio (which is now combined with Brookland Artspace Lofts) since the mid-1980s and Catholic University has long offered one of the country's premier undergraduate musical theatre programs. What might be stopping people are the allegations (and, well statistics) of crime in the neighborhood. It's still snatch-and-grab central #1 in the Metro system which could be why it's easier to get a rental space that's twice the size of similarly priced condos in other neighborhoods.

As such, what Monroe Street Market adds is the luxury factor. Its second building, Portland Flats opens later this month and on October 26th, the complex will host an art and fashion festival called Art in the Mix to celebrate this opening. Head to Racked DC to find out more about the Festival and take our poll after the jump on whether Brookland will become (remain?) D.C.'s latest arts hub.

Poll results

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