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What $1,750 Per Month Can Rent You Around D.C.

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For this edition of Curbed Comparisons, we're almost doubling the rent to see what options are available at $1,750/month.

? This 600 square foot one bedroom is available for $1,750/month in Cleveland Park. Bring your own furniture and understand that you'll be living in a co-op. Also, someone thought the programmable air-conditioning was important enough to appear in the listing photos.

? In Fort Totten, it's possible to get this two bedroom, two-level rental for $1,700/month. What you lose in natural light (the windows are either tiny, offset by the dark wood interior or non-existent), you gain in off-street parking. As such, this is a good spot for the privacy-seeker.

? Yeah, the Brookland metro is rife with snatch and grabs but the neighborhood is growing in desirability thanks to projects like the Monroe Street Market. Also, this deal at The Cloisters is pretty good. $1,699/month for a 1000 square foot 2 bedroom apartment that allows pets? Not bad at all.

? This studio at The Gables at City Vista is one of the smaller options at $1,715/month. However the 528 square feet doesn't look so bad considering that this is pretty much adjacent to downtown D.C. and all its offerings.

? This 503 square foot one bedroom apartment in Cathedral Heights is tiny in comparison to everything else listed but for $1,700/month it's also possible to stay in this stylish suite with your pet. Parking is on the street, though.