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Move Into Now-Massage Spa; Inherit Relaxed Vibes?

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If you're a believer in new age-y stuff like inheriting the feng shui of a home's previous owner, this is probably a good option. This three story house currently has businesses occupying the first two floors but one of them is a massage spa. One can only assume that the owners of Wat Massage are taking their tables and East Asian decor with them but how cool would it be to own a space where people came to relax? It looks like an Allstate Insurance office also occupied one floor the building, so that might cancel out some of that feeling of relaxation. There's a kitchen on the third floor so this 7BR home could easily become entirely residential, or the business-residential mix that it is now. For $1.5 million, its a choose your own real estate adventure! Update: Wat Massage fans can relax, they will remain in their current location even though the landlord is selling the building.
· 1804 Vernon Street NW [Estately]