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Home Bought For $1.1M To Be Razed For A $3.15M McMansion

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This house is not long for this world. Nestled in the leafy suburb of Langley Forest it was prime picking for a developer and whoever bought it paid over a million dollars just so they can tear it down. The tipster who sent this photo in said the house is still standing but the listing advertises a future home that will have six bedrooms, six baths and will cost almost three times as much as this one. That's right this house—bought for $1.1M—is going to be razed and in its place will rise a $3.15M home instead. Inside the 7,886 square feet there will be ten-foot ceilings, a laundry room on the bedroom levels, and a master bedroom that measures 22 x 22 feet. For a sketch of the exterior click through the jump.

· Listing: 6810 Wemberly Way [Redfin]