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After 22 Years, Controversial Building in Chevy Chase Begins

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Neighbors on the DC side of Chevy Chase are riled up to learn that a 263-unit 300,000 square foot glass apartment building is going up at 5333 Connecticut Avenue and there probably isn't anything they can do about it. The developers behind the project, Calvin Cafritz Enterprises, received approval 22 years ago and feel strongly that they don't need to do anything else before proceeding (soil testing has already begun and they're filing permits for more substantial work to begin in August). So what does that mean? Why, a community meeting is called for, of course. There is now an official 5333 Connecticut Neighborhood Coalition and earlier this week they got together to voice their concerns. The two main objections of the brand new coalition are that it is too contemporary a look for the neighborhood. Said one resident, "This is a K Street office building that's being jammed onto a parcel with single-family homes on three sides." Besides the office-y feel of the building everyone is worried about how it will impact the traffic on a very busy Connecticut Avenue. That can only mean even more community meetings are coming in the near future.

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5333 Connecticut Avenue

5333 Connecticut Avenue NW , Washington , DC