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Rowhouse with Incredible Rooftop Deck Now Asks $ 2.275 M

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This house has had a long journey to where it is now. First it was a For Sale By Owner asking $2,900,000 and then it tried its luck with a price cut to $2.475M plus an actual real estate agent. But that didn't help so it was taken off the market for a while. But as of yesterday it is back and ready to sell. The price has come down once more to $2,275,000 and the listing has better photography this time around. But the biggest selling point for this 3 bed/2 bath, by far, is the view from the rooftop deck. All of Key Bridge is there in its glorious splendor and a long stretch of the Potomac River rolls by beneath it. But this house is perched so high that the M Street traffic is just minor background noise.

· 3604 Prospect St. [TTR/Sotheby's]
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Francis Scott Key Bridge

Key Bridge, Washington, DC 20016

M Street Exxon Station

3607 M Street NW, Washington, DC