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Arlington's Highly Anticipated Grayson Flats To Start Tours

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Starting next week the masses will finally be able to get a glimpse inside of the long-awaited Grayson Flats. Since it is right off of Route 50 in Arlington—one of the tightest rental markets around—interest has been strong in this boutique building of 67 units before the foundation was even laid. They've updated their Facebook page with new pictures of the almost-finished units (plus more floorplans!) to give everyone a taste of what's inside. Actual move-ins are expected to start in mid-February when all the dust has settled. We posted a full price list previously, but the range is from $2,400 for 1 bedroom/1 baths to over $4,000 for 2 bedroom/2.5 baths. Currently they're offering one month free rent and half off the amenity fee but there's no word on how long that deal will last.

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Grayson Flats

2101 South Pollard Street , Arlington, va 22204