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The Most Expensive Sales Of The Past Month

Just in time for Whale Week, some big properties changed hands in January. Ranging from a bit more than $7.5M to $5M, these homes are large and in-charge. No surprises in location with Georgetown, Massachusetts Avenue Heights, and Great Falls representing the big baller properties. All of them have plenty of plush bedrooms, beaucoup luxurious baths, and posh space galore. So for property perks, check out what the DMV offered up this month.

Coming in at a perfectly round $5M, this Georgetown condo doesn't give much in the way of its goodies. On the record: The condo has 3 bedrooms, 5.5 bathrooms, nearly 4,000 sq.ft. of abode, and a slightly off exterior pic.

· Listing: 3150 South St NW [Redfin]

Great Falls, Virginia is not known for having shy, subtle homes. With mega-mansions popping up like wild mushrooms, homes here regularly top the Most Expensives list. And this one is certainly no exception after being sold for the very random price of $5,115,693, the home was built in 2011 and now has a new occupants. They will get to enjoy all the trapping of wealth, including chandeliers made of crystal, a garage big enough for more than two luxury vehicles, a kitchen that can feed an army, and plenty of other accoutrements. All built by M & A.

· Listing: 1036 Aziza Ct, Great Falls [Redfin]

This Neoclassical manse left the market for $5,495,000 just a week ago. It may have plenty of space but only a two-car garage. With Biden as a neighbor, security in the nabe is never an issue. Complete with a wine cellar, a master suite that's classified as "lavish", "grand spaces for formal entertaining", the manse has everything a Washington socialite will need.

· Listing: 2910 Edgevale Terrace NW [Redfin]

For $6,250,000, a 7 bedroom home in Massachusetts Avenue Heights left the market and became the residence of someone special. (That's just a conjecture.) The Georgian manse resides on much-wanted Embassy Row and has what every DC denizen needs (or desires): a garden with a koi pond, a "garden room", and an English conservatory. Who would want a French conservatory anyway?

· Listing: 3025 Whitehaven St NW [Redfin]

The most expensive house on this month's list is a gorgeous Georgetown townhouse designed in the classic Federal style. The seller was none other that Herb Miller (big time DC developer and hater of uneven pavements). Need a dining room that's not regular-sized but fit for an embassy? This house has it. Need a master suite that's better than good but "exquisite"? This house has it too. Need a library that doesn't have regular paneling but totes classy wood paneling? Perfect. Because this house has it too. And it went to a fortunate buyer for $7,550,000.

· Listing: 3249 N St NW [Redfin]