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Developer's Family One Step Closer to Unloading $4M Manse

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Dave and Kirsten Pollin—the second generation of the late Abe Pollin's family known for developing the Verizon Center and its surrounding nabe—have found a buyer for their six bedroom home in Kalorama. This historical home has finally gone under contract after more than a year on the market and a bit of a price chop down to $4M (though the final sales price has not been revealed). For part of its 100-year existence the house was home to The Field School and took on the wear and tear from hundreds of school children running through its halls. DC real estate agent Jim Bell bought it in 2002 and gave it a major overhaul so it could once again become a single-family home. Dave and Kirsten Pollin bought it in 2009, but listed it last year for $4.395M with Bell as their listing agent. Check out a brief video tour of the home when Bell owned it after the jump.

Video from WSJ

· Under Contract: 2107 Wyoming Ave [BeaselyRE/Facebook]
· Listing: 2107 Wyoming Ave [Redfin]
· Pollin Family Ready To Sell Kalorama Home After Two Years [CDC]

Listing photos from Homevisit

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