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Making A Tough Decision Is All Part Of Being A Whale

We had some good Whale stories come in to our tipline, but we're always looking for more—the good and the bad—so if you know of one get in touch through

I'm a builder that worked on a job in a huge Great Falls mansion that was being built from the ground up. The wife was a pain in the ass every step of the way. The worst thing she did was hold up the schedule for the entire master bathroom because we couldn't order the tub when we needed her to. The only reason she wouldn't order it is because she couldn't decide if the color should be plum or merlot. We would keep asking her what to get and she'd get mad because we were 'rushing her'. Weeks we waited while she went back and forth between two colors that are half a shade different from each other. All this time we're basically twiddling our thumbs because we can't finish the rest of the bathroom until we get the tub in there. That lady was a whale and a half.

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