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New Real Estate Sales Tactic: Pouring on the Emotion, Romance, and Slow Panning Video

Homebuying is usually considered painful, but here's a listing from agent Tom Faison that gives off a warm and fuzzy feeling from the description right down to the folk music used to accompany the video tour he put together. Mr Rogers and Lampchop would feel right at home. As it says in the blurb:
I've been waiting 22 years to sell this home, but feel oddly ill-equipped to convey what you'll see or feel. You are humbled, like what happens when we stare out to sea & feel small, coupled with a cunning craving, a coveting of livable art, your capture, to place just so in the sun. An Unbearable Lightness of Being...Wait a minute! Is that a family room off the kitchen? Toss me a Pop Tart Mom!!!!... The devoted guardian of this 4 bed, 4 bath house has merged photography with acoustic folk song to truly convey what it is like to live in this rowhouse off of H Street (asking just shy of a million dollars). Click through for the full effect.


· Listing: 719 10th Street, NE [MRIS via THiH]