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A Must-Have Home Amenity For Whales: Elevators

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For those seeking the luxury of an elevator without dropping a million bucks, a PG County property can make those dreams come true. For $824,320, this 5 bedroom, 7 bathroom home has the requisite elevator and plenty of other perks to keep the baller happy. Whether is the bedroom mural of a dude climbing a ledge, the massive bathroom in a quasi-animal print wallpaper, or the sculpture of an instrument hanging out in a sunny alcove, there's plenty of visual props to turn heads. And for the true baller, this property is on the golf course so it's easy to hit some balls on the green with the boys.

· Listing: Upper Marlboro, MD [Estately]

In-home theatre. Check. Wet bar. Check. A red naked woman painting hanging over the tub. Double check. For $1,895,000, this North Arlington townhouse has everything needed to keep even Parks & Recs Tom Haverford happy: private patio in the back, a home movie theatre, a pimped-out elevator, a wet bar for hosting other players in the 703, and nearly 5,000 sq.ft. in the crib to give everyone a bit of privacy.

· Listing: 3829 Randolph Ct North, Arlington [Estately]

On the market for $1,949,000, this home may have only 3 bedrooms, but it has "amenities galore". The residence has a sweeping staircase in its entryway, a gourmet kitchen for budding chefs, a "sensational" master suite that's fit for aspiring royalty, and walk-in closets for shoes, bags, and life's other flashy accoutrements. The owner will never need to worry about going out for a glass of pinot because this home has a "wine bar" included. So to avoid drunk stumbling up the stairs, just take the elevator. Because you already paid for that perk.

· Listing: 4701 Foxhall Crescent NW [Estately]

It's not often that a Kalorama townhouse comes on the market, especially when the townhouse in question is on uber-posh Embassy Row and has a super-classy porte-cochere entrance. On the market for $3,295,000, the limestone manse has plenty to boast about, but because it's the demure type, boasting is not in its bricks and mortar.

· Listing: 2328 Massachusetts Ave NW [TTR Sotheby's]
· Sneaky Entrance in Kalorama Manse [CDC]

It's not exactly $20M, but it's close at $19.5M. And this is a Maryland estate that oozes so much sophistication and class, you won't know what to do with yourself. The listing has words like "main residence" because in this price tier, owners have multiple residences. There's 10 bedrooms and 12 baths in this 22,000 sq.ft. mega-manse. The listing highlights all of the homes finishes and features in detail. It pretty much reads like a short story.

· Listing: 938 Old Country Rd, Severna Park [TTR Sotheby's]

Here's an ornately decorated newish townhouse in the Merryhill neighborhood with a swank elevator to get between floors. We've only pasted a few of the photos here but there are about twenty-five more on the listing site showing the rooms in all their finery. The two bed, five bath is asking $1.549M and is 3,844 Sq Ft.

· Listing: 1231 Stuart Robeson Drive [TTRSotheby's]