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Mapping Where to Live Near Tysons' Coastal Flats

Welcome to Bar Crawl Living where we find some worthy domiciles within stumbling distance of a neighborhood hotspot. If there's a place you want us to scope out, leave a comment or send word to our tipline.

With the Silver Line progressing at a rapid clip, Tysons (not Tyson's Corner anymore) is becoming more of a transit-oriented nabe as it seeks to become more 24/7 and less 9 to 5. Anchored by its stylish shopping mega-centers, Tysons I and the Galleria, it has plenty of offices, suited up workers, and a growing residential base. And when there are more people around, there's gotta be a place for them to play. Coastal Flats in Tysons I has the happy hour specials that attract the consultants, contractors, shoppers, and locals. If drinking al fresco, the scenery is only going to be the shiny trappings of the mall. But with the Metro coming online in 2013 (fingers crossed), happy hour attendees can drink, converse, and safely be on their merry way home. Cheers.

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