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This Fixer-Upper Near H Street Doesn't Need As Much Work As It Looks Like It Does

In the market for some new digs, but don't have a sky-high budget? Join the club—The Under 300K Club.

This one comes in right on the nose at $300,000 for a 2 bed, 1.5 bath halfway between H Street and Florida Ave NE (on 8th Street). The best part is that it has recently updated electrical work so that's one major project that doesn't need tackling. From the sign on the door and the set-up in the living room it looks like it doubled as a tax preparer's office (a hitek one, at that) but folding tables are easy enough to get rid of. That exposed PVC pipe, however, is going to take some creativity to hide.

· Listing: 933 8th St [Redfin]