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Wearable Architecture Now On Display Downtown

[Photos from artist Joshua DeMonte]

The Renwick Gallery is cruising through their 40 Under 40 Craft Futures series and just blew our mind with these pieces of oversize jewlery/miniature architecture. Created by artist Joshua DeMonte the 3-D printed pieces are made with materials such as gypsum or glass-filled polymide and aim to 'mimic ancient architectural elements activating the space surrounding the body and altering the viewers' perception of the wearer.' DeMonte sells his pieces for upwards of several thousand dollars (the top picture above, for example, of his aqueduct collar retails for $5,000), but a few bracelet-sized pieces go for less than a thousand. The exhibit ends on February 3, 2013 so hurry to catch it all in person. And if anyone sees Lady Gaga checking it out, please send us a photo.

· 40 Under 40 Craft Futures [Official Site]
· Joshua DeMonte [Official Site via DailyMail]