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Jack's Boathouse May Be Able To Fight Park Eviction

The saga of Georgetown's Jack's Boathouse started a few days before Christmas when the owner, Paul Simkin, was informed by the National Park Service he had a month to close up shop and vacate the premises (Simkin had zero warning this was about to happen). A groundswell of community support took to the phone lines and convinced the National Park Service to let him stay a little longer, but they are still proceeding with trying to get him evicted (for reasons they haven't let anyone know about). But Simkin hopes he has found two parts of the contract that could work in his favor. One, he could argue that the property no longer belongs to NPS because of amendments to the deed that may have made it void by default and two, according to said document, NPS is allegedly responsible for maintaining the property. Yet Simkin has been footing the bill for repairs and maintenance for years. All this has been handed over to the politicians in charge of all this so that Jack's Boathouse Round Two can begin.

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