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Building Construction on Conn Ave. to Begin After 22 Year Delay

[Google Street View of 5333 Connecticut Ave]

The development company Calvin Cafritz Enterprises has just started working on a building at 5333 Connecticut Ave. NW that neighbors didn't know anything about simply because most of them weren't living there 22 years ago when Cafritz got approval for the building. Even though their zoning change expired in 1990 they don't need to apply for a new one because their building will fit within the 90 foot limits of the neighborhood (it will be a nine-story, glass-encased building that is "modern-looking). So it is scramble time for the neighbors that don't want the building there because preliminary permits have already been approved and Cafritz expects to begin actual building in August of this year. Even amongst the regulatory officials very few people knew this 263-unit apartment was going to happen and a principal with the team, Jane L. Cafritz, explained that they didn't feel they need to go through the usual ANC channels because, "We felt that we had the support at a time that was more difficult to get support".

· Cafritz project starts after 22-year wait [WaPo]