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Four New Eckington Condos In Pseudo-Rowhouses

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Eckington is a neighborhood on the cusp of coming into its own, and these four new units are a perfect example of what is going on in the nabe. They are brand new construction, made to look like row houses, and sit several blocks from the New York Ave and Rhode Island Metros in prime walk-friendly commuter distance. One major difference between this and a regular row house conversion is the 19 foot ceilings inside the units. Plus, the exterior and interior are totally fresh and clean and ready for new homeowners to call the residences "home". This unit has 3 bedrooms (ahem, with 2 master bedrooms) and 3.5 baths and runs $535,000 since it is on the ground floor. The penthouse units on the upper level, which includes a loft and roof deck, are asking $609,900. For those who suffer from claustrophobia the 19 ft ceilings should help with that. The kitchens have granite counters, Bosch and Kitchenaid appliances, and lots of style.

· Listing: 1811 3rd St NE [Coldwell Banker]

The Langston

1811 3rd St NE , Washington, DC 20002