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Realtors Still Dreaming Up Fake Prices To Sell White House

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It's been a few months since someone came up with a price for the White House so Zillow has taken up the challenge to try to hang a price on the place. After assessing it for $251.6M back in 2011 they've raised their estimate to $294.9M based the same algorithm they use to assess the values of homes for us regular joes. Since house prices have gone up in DC, naturally the White House had to rise in value too. They also help out by calculating the mortgage—assuming a usual 20% down with a 3.276% interest rate the monthly payment would be $1,130,832. One caveat: "It is unclear whether 24-hour Secret Service protection and the small army of servants and personal aides who keep the home running would be included in any potential sale."

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The White House

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue Northwest, , DC 20500