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DC's Wackiest Penthouse Condo Just Listed For $1.95M

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Would James Bond surround himself with green velvet? According to this listing he would. The brand-new-to-market listing claims that the 8,500 square foot condo is famous "for being one of the 1960's most innovative designs. .. right out of a James Bond film!" Was that all-white room with gold accents invented for torturing villains or just interior designers? Thinking about that is so exhausting you might have to take the internal elevator and skip the circular marble staircase that sits against a panels of mirrors. The seven bed, 6.5 bath is only asking $1,950,000, which works out to a mere $228 per square foot, though the steep HOA fees will set you back $6,854/month. That can cut into the martini fund quite a bit, so prepare to put in some overtime at Headquarters to pay for it all.

· Listing: 4201 Cathedral Ave [Redfin]

The Towers Condominium

4201 Cathedral Ave NW,, Washington, DC 20016