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Floorplans, Prices Released for New Boutique AdMo Condos

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Adams Morgan is getting another boutique condo building filled with nineteen different one and two bedroom units, each one with a outdoor space. They are not yet complete but the developers are advertising that as a perk since buyers can have their choice of flooring (at least until the drywall goes up). There's already at least five units either under contract or reserved and no doubt the remaining fourteen will move quickly since the location is so desirable. It is near the corner of Euclid and 17th Streets, a few blocks east of AdMo's popular main drag 18th Street. The Kalorama Road Harris Teeter is one block south. Of the units that are left prices range from $349,000 to $834,000, and a few of those are penthouses which have their own private roof deck and balcony. There's a few parking spots available for purchase but they come with a pre-arranged hierarchy. Four covered spaces are available, but penthouse owners have the right of first refusal to buy them for $35,000. The five other spaces are not covered and cost $30,000, so there will be tight competition between residents. This is Adams Morgan we're talking about. Parking is a nightmare.

Update: This post has been changed to reflect the fact that there are four total covered spaces available, one for each penthouse. Originally we had only one space was available based on some ambiguous phrasing on the company website. They have updated their site to make it more clear. Thanks to the commenter who pointed this out.

Unit A-1 $349,000
Unit A-2 Reserved
Unit A-3 $359,000
Unit B-1 Reserved

Unit A-4 $379,000
Unit A-5 Reserved
Unit A-6 $399,000
Unit B-2 $489,000
Unit B-3 $499,000

Unit A-7 $399,000
Unit A-8 $369,000
Unit A-9 Under Contract
Unit B-4 Under Contract
Unit B-5 $519,000

PH A-10 $794,000
Unit A-11 $379,000
Unit A-12 $794,000
PH B-6 $824,000
PH B-7 $834,000

·1700 Euclid St [Official Site]