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Since Entering the Market Manse Has Cut Over $3M From Ask

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Sometimes prices get disemboweled in one swift multi-million dollar price chop (like a four million dollar price chop) other times they nicked a little here and there every year or so. This is one of those times. Regularly featured as one of our most expensive homes in Maryland, this mega manse in tony Bethesda has been on the market for over 900 days and it's still begging for a buyer. Back in July 2010, this home was on the market for $9M. In October 2011, the home was asking for a smidgen under $7M, but by November 2012, the ask had dropped more than $500,000 hoping to entice a buyer with deep purse strings. Fast forward to January 2013 and the price has again taken a hit, and this time it's exactly one dollar below $6M. So in 30 months, this manse has lost $3M in asking price. At this rate, the home will be free by January 2018. The manse has 35,000 square feet, and amenities include an elevator, indoor pool, tennis courts, and a "presidential library".

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