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The Five Best Lines From NYT's Story About Washington DC

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Site of a future Abdo development on 14th St. NW. [Rachel Eisley]

This Sunday the NYT magazine goes deep into the economy of DC—the good ride we've had thanks to taxpayer coffers and the doom many are predicting once government spending slows down. Naturally the story opens with prominent DC developer Jim Abdo who is ready to bring many more new residences to old buildings that need more than a little sprucing up. There's even hints about a hotel he plans to turn into a pod hotel (anyone out there know about this? Our tipline is open). We've culled the lines that give some hints about what he's going to do and a few more that attempt to explain this town to outsiders. Pass the tepid salmon.
· It's not just the province of think tanks and tepid salmon and boxy suits anymore.
· Despite Jim Abdo's optimism, despite the Tesla dealership, the homemade tonic water and the $2,500 wood tables, Washington has actually been slowing down since the Bush years.
· Maryland got the life sciences, and Virginia got the death sciences
· [Abdo] pointed out a cheap hotel that he plans to turn into a pod hotel.
· Abdo says, "We're looking for those kids just out of law school who've come to Washington and they're working 14 hours a day, but they want a place that isn't a group house. It's for people who want to say, 'I've arrived.' "

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NOTE: We've updated this post with a different photo. Originally there was stock image of the U Street area but the new photo is more recent (January 2013).