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Come Sing "Highway Robbery", A Little Ditty About Tolls

Tolls are coming at us from every direction within the next year and one resident in West Virginia has had enough of this added expense. Angela Petry took to writing a song about her outrage with a few lines like: Drive every day but you cry at night/ Cause of the price of the tolls is out of sight. She's singing about the Greenway—that 14 miles of the only privately owned toll road in the state—but, really, we can all get on board with this one. Go here for a full audio recording and check out the video interview with her after the jump. And the Post has the background on Angela and how she put the song together.

· Dulles Greenway's tolls inspire 'Highway Robbery' protest song by Angela Petry [WaPo]
· Highway Robbery Full Audio [WTOP via WaPo]