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Dupont Underground Fundraiser; Zillow's iPhone Rental App

APP WORLD—Zillow announced today that they have released an iPhone app for finding rentals in major cities. Will the naked vegan moon worshipers from Craigslist advertise there now? [Zillow]

EASTERN MARKET—Tomorrow is the fundraiser for Dupont Underground—the location of the former underground streetcar station that many would like to see turned into a space for more creative endeavors (pictured). The full details of the fundraiser are after the jump, but note it takes place at Eastern Market North Hall (not Dupont Underground). [CurbedInbox]


Join the Arts Coalition for the Dupont Underground for a Fundraiser to Support This Project

Washington, DC (August 15, 2012)- On Friday, September 7th, the Arts Coalition for the Dupont Underground (ACDU) will be throwing a giant fundraiser/buzz builder. The event will be held "Aboveground" at Eastern Market's North Hall. ACDU Partners, DC Setlist and Robin Bell of Bell Visuals, are programming the entertainment. Kendra Rubinfeld PR is coordinating the event. The Justin Jones Band, Margot MacDonald and Alex Minoff are all booked to do a set. The world premiere of Robin Bell's music videos for these artists, shot in the Underground will be screened. Everyone listed above is donating their time and resources for the fundraiser.

"We're very encouraged and excited by the public enthusiasm for the project and the September 7th event. It's really important to see popular demand for a more progressive idea of the city," says Julian Hunt, President of the ACDU Board.

All net funds collected from the event will go to help push ACDU and the Dupont Underground project forward. Money raised will help fund an international architectural competition that will bring world-wide attention to the efforts of ACDU. It will also fund the re-opening of one of the "underground" entrances for special events, pop-ups, shows, incubators, and whatever new ideas the group can test out as part of a phased plan to re-open the entire site.%