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You Still Need A Ticket To Crash Tareq Salahi's House Party

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Tareq Salahi is back in the public eye again and he's working every inch of the White House incident that made him famous in the first place. Since he's decided to run for Governor he has to start hosting all these fundraisers and what better theme than "Crash The Candidate" as a way to break the ice. But in this case you have to have a ticket, you may be asked for ID, and they 'reserve the right to remove anyone at anytime without providing a reason'.

The event takes place on September 16th at Mosby Estates (which did belong to him at one point, but we're not sure anymore) and tickets start at $15 in advance (or $20 per person at door). There's also a stern warning that this event is being filmed by a national television show and anyone who attends could be included in the final cut.

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